This Covid-19 virus has really shook the entire world.

All of my 2020 Weddings that were booked in for the rest of the year, have all postponed 🙁 Its such a shame for everyone. Couples & vendors alike.

This virus came at us all like an unexpected tidal wave , and we’ve all experienced its powerful, unsettling & upsetting force in one way or another.

I just wanted to send you all my love & support during these testing times!

I look forward to seeing you all on the other side, and shooting your postponed weddings, in 2021

Some pics below, of happier days from the past year..When Covid-19 didn’t exist, When weddings weren’t limited to just 5 people, when social distancing wasn’t a thing, and when life was Normal.

I hope & Pray that a more settled kind of ‘normality’ resumes really soon xx

Stay safe & be well all of you

Bec xx