Melanie & Cameron - Married xx Gold Coast Farm House, Numinbah Valley  73

Melanie & Cameron tied the knot amongst the vast Hinterland beauty of the Numinbah Valley at the end of August.What a truly wonderful day xx

The most awesome festival feel wedding, for the most beautiful couple!..Probably my most fave wedding venue setting that ive ever worked at!

Deep within Springbrook Rainforest in Numinbah Valley..Surrounded by their loved ones, amongst the sounds of wildlife & nature, Melanie & Cameron tied the knot in a stunning ceremony overlooking the creek..Beautifully styled..Rustic mismatch wooden chairs, and a wooden arbour. Mountain & Hinterland views all around. Their beautiful ceremony made me cry.

Their reception was at the other end of the farmhouse property .They had 2 fantastic Tipi’s, a delicious food truck, a beautiful cake , played the shoe game, Speeches, dancing & sparklers!.

It is so clear to see how totally made for each other Melanie & Cameron are. You could really feel the love xx It was a total pleasure to be a part of your truly beautiful day..A wedding like this, is one i could have only dreamt about shooting from the other side of the world in England. Just amazing!.. I had the best day shooting your wedding! I loved every minute xx A small selection of faves are below, with the rest on way v.soon..Thankyou for choosing Just Rebecca Photography..Wishing you a lifetime of Love..Laughter & a Happy Ever After xxxxx

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